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It’s all about having fun!
Mmm, Gadgets, Gizmos and Boys Toys. They’re just so great! Here at Deviltronics we know how much you guys and gals love to get your hands on the latest funky toys to keep your devilishly young at heart inner child happy. Let’s face it getting old is unavoidable but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the good times as you wrinkle, it’s all about having fun. So here we are offering you some of the coolest gadgets and novelty toys around that’ll bring no end of hilarious entertainment amongst your mates and work colleagues.

All of our funky products make the perfect gifts too, whether you’re thinking of wrapping up a Micro RC Helicopter or an Electric Shock Game we guarantee our stuff will put a smile on the receiver’s face, there’ll be a grin ear to ear. Gadgets and Boys Toys are great as gifts all year round, be it for an unusual Christmas present, a cool Birthday present or just a Thank You present you are sure to find something right here. Give someone something unexpected, no doubt they’ll remember you for it!

How did all this happen?
Well it all really came about as a mini project in a bedroom where an engineering graduate wanted to design a website but had no idea how to make one! With lots of trial and error and a few months later ‘something’ was developed and the website was put live on the World Wide Web. From there the director, Asif Mohammed, has never looked back.

Deviltronics started off as a home based business in 2006 in a tiny town called St. Ives just outside Cambridge. With steady growth the company has now moved into larger premises on the local industrial estate. With many happy customers the business continues to grow, aiming to become a very recognisable internet retailer in the coming years.

Providing you with a top class service
It’s not just about providing you with the latest Gadgets and Boys Toys, we little Devils are committed to dishing out a high quality service and an enjoyable shopping experience to all our customers. If you have any suggestions, questions or problems just give us a shout and we will do our utmost to help you out in the shortest time span possible.

Please see the Help page for our contact details and to find more helpful information about our website.

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