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We all know that trying to find the perfect gift can often feel intimidating. Whether you are looking for great gifts for men or for fabulous gifts for her, there are always so many things to consider: your budget, the occasion not to mention the gift itself! But luckily here at Find Me A Gift, we have an enormous range of products which means there is no need for you to fret over finding that ideal gift. We have everything from funny gifts to entertaining or sentimental personalised gifts; from the traditional to the outright ridiculous, with our help you are sure to find the perfect gift in no time. We specialise in whacky and unusual gifts, but also have a great range of more luxurious items. So if you are worried about your lack of gift ideas, then make sure that you browse through our fantastic range of gifts. And don’t forget our new range of halloween costumes too – great fancy dress ideas for men, women and kids.

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Christmas is coming and the Geese are getting fat… If like us at Find Me A Gift, you are looking forward to Christmas 2011, then you will have already started to think about all of your Christmas gifts, or if not you are probably starting to panic about getting those presents. Well there is no need to worry this year, because we are here to help. With our handy next day delivery and gift wrap service, there is no such thing as leaving your Christmas Shopping too late. Which is lucky because at Christmas it isn’t only the gifts you have to think about, but there is also the Christmas Tree, the Decorations and of course the all important Christmas Dinner. Feeding your husband’s extensive family of 25 people is no mean feat, especially when your mother-in-law is sat in the corner, telling anyone who will listen, that the turkey is a little dry! Of course it is all in the name of Christmas spirit, but the weeks preparing dinner does seem to limit the time you have left to search for those stocking fillers. Luckily for you we have done the searching for you, and put together an incredible range of stocking fillers, all you have to do is choose from our great selection of products.


As Phyllis Diller (A 1950s comedian – look her up!) once said: “What I don’t like about office Christmas parties is looking for a job the next day.” We all know the one person like this; they have a little too much to drink and end up sitting butt naked on the photocopier and printing out dozens of copies. It is worth noting, if you don’t know an idiot like this, then it is most probably you! Whether you love them or you hate them, the office party is a Christmas Tradition. And of course with this office party come the Secret Santa gifts, a tradition where you end up searching for a gift for a complete stranger usually with a budget of about £5! Well, this year there is no need to worry about what to get for your Secret Santa Gifts, as we have a whole part of our Xmas gifts section dedicated to low budget, funny and slightly naughty Secret Santa gifts.

If you have a wedding coming up you are probably thinking about what you are going to wear, whether the weather will hold out, and of course what on earth you are going to get the happy couple. Often people create their very own wedding gifts list, but if you prefer to surprise the couple, or they haven’t created one then you may need some ideas. Luckily for you, we have put together a great list of all the wedding gifts they could want, from personalised products to truly romantic gifts.

Of course, a year after a wedding comes an anniversary so make sure you are prepared by checking out our anniversary gifts section. We have a great range of ideas for anniversaries from 1st (which is paper incidentally) to much higher. We have a great range of presents for all ages and some helpful suggestions as well. If you are struggling to see what on earth you can get your other half for their paper wedding anniversary, here is a great suggestion, you could treat them to tickets to one of our great activity experiences like a west end show. Luckily we have our wedding anniversary gifts by year, so you can find out exactly what you are supposed to treat your other half to on any of your anniversaries. So if you love gifts , then be sure to browse through our incredible selection of gifts for a wedding anniversary.

Find Me A Gift is here to help on all occasions, including christenings. So if you have a christening coming up, but are completely stuck about what christening gifts to get for the new born then we have some great ideas on presents for any christenings. Whether you are looking for a great sentimental and personalised product that will last forever or you want one of your baby gifts to be more fun for the little one, we have a great range of unique and interesting presents. So whatever your taste and whoever the Christening be sure to check out our great range of gifts for something fantastic and a little bit different.

Birthdays are a gift occasion that occurs all year round, and with birthdays comes birthday cakes, pass the parcel, some funny hats and of course, the birthday gifts. From first birthdays to hundredth birthdays, it is important that you always find a great gift. We have a great range of gifts if you are looking for toys and rattles for a toddler; also if you are searching for one of our first-class gifts for kids or maybe you want to buy something a bit more traditional for someone with a few more candles on their cake. If you are still struggling for ideas, we always find a good place to start with is our novelty gifts.

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